Dinner With Kenyon Clarke

Tonights dinner was at Onyx in Cambridge accompanied by Property Developer Kenyon Clarke and his lovely wife Charlotte. The boys had Pork Belly which has always been a favorite whilst Charlotte tackled the Slow Roasted Duck and when I say tackled I mean tackled. Now...

Favourite foods update!

1. Lemon Delicious Yoghurt. If you haven't tried this yet - what is wrong with you?! 2. Mother Earth Spicy tomato roasted chickpeas 3. Broccoslaw & Herbslaw, mix together- awesome sauce! 4. Peckish thins rice crackers - Cheddar Cheese or Sour Cream & Chives 5. Lisas...

Vogels gluten free

Vogels gluten free soy and linseed gets the Michelle Tick of Approval! Great for sammies ...nice and soft. Will have to try the other types now 🙂

Gluten Free

Note to self: Just because its gluten free does not mean you should eat 6 slices of bread in one day... especially if you have not eaten bread in about 4 years. Your body will NOT like you for it and you WILL feel it the next day!